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Here is my starring role as "Wife" in a music video for Futures Without Violence:

Check out the article about me in the Highline Times!!! http://www.highlinetimes.com/2016/10/13/features/there%E2%80%99s-something-about-mary-e-diederichs

Check me out starring as "Brenda Nicholas" in Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel's new series Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen--
"Senseless in Seattle"--link to full episode on my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4MZMxzCm9eBKkCYqRHqzw

And as Zombie (third from right), Apocalypse, Virtual Sports home page http://www.virtualsports.net/home/and

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The  Specificity of Stage Blood  (A Poem by Mary E. Diederichs)

It?s an interesting way to find yourself

(That camera)

Down the hall

(So many halls...)


No more walls

Except the one upon which

Norma Desmond watches herself

In perpetuity


(Enjoying without ambiguity

The power of a dream fulfilled)


Amid calltimes and director's notes

(Not done by rote)

That figure comes toward you,

Soared you into realization


That the wall

Was in fact a screen

Upon which

You could find yourself


Norma watches herself, in diamonds

Down that hall

Long legs, pulling all focus

Never one to joke, this


Dream was a need


And that hall

Was no wall,

It was a screen

Long legs, step into the dream


She's worldwide now,

Not begging for close-ups

Not one to hope less

Never one to joke with


So much to live for                                                    (c)House of Luxury Mary 2015

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...fulfilled dream...                                                                 -Mary E. Diederichs

                                                                                                   16 Nov 2015 

-End Scene-                                                                                  Seattle, WA


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Big girls need big diamonds--Elizabeth Taylor

I have no sympathy for those afraid of mystery--2pac Shakur, "How Do U Want It"

I never worry about diets.  The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond--Mae West

Diamonds are a girl's best friend--Marilyn Monroe

Shine on, you crazy diamond--Pink Floyd

Everything you see I owe to spaghetti--Sophia Loren

Vanity is my favorite sin--Al Pacino



Print, Film (Feature, Short, and Documentary), TV, Commercials (On-Camera Speaking and Voiceover), Contract Modeling, Hand Modeling, Corporate Team Building, Improv (Live and Film), Product Presentation, Music Video, and Live Performing!

Appearing in the feature films,  "Late Autumn"  (Official Selection-2010 Toronto Film Festival  "Contemporary World Cinema" category,  2011 Berlin International Film Festival, and 2011 Seattle International Film Festival) and "Grassroots" (Closing Night Gala Selection--2012 Seattle International Film Festival)!

Personalized voicemail messages, Pro-Nouncements, www.ihrbellingham.com, select "Mary" voice files to book me

Corporate clients:  Nordstrom, VISA, Kroger, Amazon, AT&T, Walmart, Microsoft, Gene Juarez Salons and Spas, bumble&Bumble

Corporate and private parties, children's parties, and weddings!

Corporate wellness programs!

Teaching:  group, private, master classes, wedding dance classes, competition coaching, and "High School Musical" classes!  Ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hiphop, mime, acro, flamenco, Latin, ballroom, disco, and line dance; and drama!  Any age/ability level.  Also Teaching Artist, SEEDArts.org

CURRENTLY TEACHING:  Master Class Intensive for Performers!  Studio B, Seattle Center House/Armory.  See details here http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cls/4527264650.html

Introducing my new Military Discount!  Discount on dance classes or performing for all active duty or retired members of our brave military forces.  Inquire for details.

List of awards and recommendations available upon request

Article about my mascot work http://sprudge.com/giant-anthropomorphic-coffee-beans-enjoyed-by-all-75895.html

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